It was tough at times – I got blisters, I got soaked to the skin when the waterproofing on my coat gave up on one particularly wet day – but I completed the 120 miles of the EGR Operator Awards Virtual Race on 9th November, just one day before the deadline. I walked on every single one of the 31 days; my shortest walk, on 12th October, was a 1.71 mile lunchtime stroll around our local golf course and the longest, on November 8th when I was desperately trying to finish the distance, was 9.9 miles along the banks of the Thames and two of its tributaries, all before lunch.

FTD Digital raised over ¬£200 for Gamcare and I’ve been namechecked in the official EGR report!

Would I do it again? YES, absolutely – but 120 miles was really pushing it and I wouldn’t have been able to manage it if I hadn’t:

  • Taken some days off work while the teenager was on half term
  • Used them to go for long walks with him instead of the museum and theme park trips we’d normally do (if there wasn’t a pandemic on)

Indeed, if there wasn’t a pandemic on I’d be doing more dancing and have less time for walking – so next time, a less ambitious target perhaps!

As for the award we were nominated for (bet you’d forgotten about that!) – we didn’t win, but there’s always next year…